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Why Rube's only serves corn-fed beef

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

Rube’s proudly serves and ships only the best, locally-raised black Angus beef. Our steaks come from cows that eat grass and forage, but also corn. The corn-fed diet is important for a few reasons. Most importantly, corn fed beef tastes better. Cows don’t fatten up on grass the way that they do on corn. So incorporating corn into a cow’s diet results in amazingly marbled, juicy and flavorful steaks. You simply can’t get that marbling and flavor in beef from grass-fed cows.

When I’m traveling and dining at other steakhouses across the country, I always ask servers for their recommendations. At steakhouses serving both corn-fed and grass-fed steaks, the servers always recommend the corn-fed option. I have never had a server suggest a grass-fed steak. They always say to choose corn-fed for the most flavorful dining experience.

Feeding corn to cows also makes sense when you consider Iowa’s strong agricultural roots. All of our beef is locally raised, coming from roughly a 100 mile radius of our steakhouse in Montour. In Iowa, we don’t have giant feedlots with thousands of cattle. Cows are raised on family farms and the couple raising the cattle also farm the land. So they’re growing the crops that feed the animals, which in turn are harvested for their premium beef.

Premium beef is essential to the Rube’s experience. Our guests know that our ribeyes will be juicy and full of flavor. It’s an eating experience that you just can’t get with grass-fed steaks.


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