It is our pleasure to welcome you to our grill and treat you to a special dining experience! We are happy to report we are still able to enjoy the grill your own experience, but with some changes to keep our guests safe. Your confirmed reservation includes reserved space at our meat counter and grill for your party. Each party is assigned a section of the grill, at staggered times throughout the night to reduce crowding and to foster distancing from other parties. You will find some other changes that have been implemented to provide a safe grilling environment. It's important that your entire party arrives at the time of your reservation so we don't get behind at the grill or cause other parties to get shorted on their grill time. We want you to have a fun, relaxing night and enjoy a fantastic steak, while keeping each other safe. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the grill!


Mask is required by the state of Iowa when you are not seated at your table. If you are anti-mask, please do not be rude to our staff. We are simply trying keep our valued guests and staff safe and keep our small business alive. Our staff doesn't deserve your abuse. 

If it's the day of your requested reservation, or if your reservation is for more than 10 people, please contact us directly by phone. This system will not allow a reservation for large groups OR fewer than 6 hours before reservation time. Call - 641-492-6222

If you would like to book a daytime party, or to reserve an entire room, please call or email to make arrangements.

Reservations are not confirmed until you receive a call, text or email from our management team.


Rube's Steakhouse Montour - 641-492-6222

General Manager, Rick Burchard -

We look forward to safely serving you!

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