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Why you can't get Prime Rib at Rube's Steakhouse

Prime Rib is one of the most-searched terms on our website. That’s no surprise, considering Prime Rib is a steakhouse classic. The throwback cut is popular again with chefs adding it to menus at modern, upscale steakhouses. Despite all these credentials, prime rib does not have a spot on our menu.

Some might think that’s crazy. After all, we have the old-school supperclub vibe. Our grill shop sells out of prime rib during the holidays. Our customers even special order rib roasts to ship across the country.

But just as important as high-quality meat is the Rube’s experience. We are the Original Grill Your Own steakhouse. Prime Rib isn’t “grill your own” if it’s served on a hot plate from a restaurant kitchen. And we’re not convinced that pre-roasting before customers grill it would produce a juicy, Rube’s quality result.

Don’t get me wrong - we’re pro-Prime Rib! I love the moment when you cut through the salty crust to reveal a perfectly rare roast inside. My husband requests it every birthday, holiday and other “prime rib worthy” occasion. But until Rube’s can perfect the “grill your own prime rib” concept, we’ll stick to roasting and smoking at home.


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